The Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission envisions a Pennsylvania that is a great place to raise young children, regardless of family income or zip code. Our Commonwealth will have a robust, diverse, and high-quality early care and education delivery system accessible to all children from prenatal to school age. Young children and their families will receive support to help them be loving, curious, playful, and prepared to succeed in school and be productive in life.

To achieve this vision, we’ve articulated the following policy and investment goals:

  • Increase the availability of evidence-based home visiting programs to strengthen families and meet the comprehensive needs of infants and young children at highest risk.
  • Increase the availability of high-quality child care through child care subsidies for at-risk children and for parents who are working or pursuing education or job training.
  • Increase investments to improve child care quality and increase the number of high-quality providers serving at-risk children.
  • Ensure a sustainable business model for the provision of high-quality child care to at-risk children.
  • Elevate the early care and education profession, recognizing the value added and skills required.
  • Increase the number of at-risk children enrolled in high-quality Pre-K.
  • Support policies and investments that include children with developmental delays and disabilities in high-quality early care and education programs and that provide ongoing supports to parents and providers.
  • Ensure the use of data to manage and evaluate early care and education programs.